The demands of industrial revolution era require the use of technology almost in every sector, including education, economics, health, and agriculture. However, the advanced use of technology brings an issue related to local wisdom whether it is affected by the technology utilization or it successfully guides the use of the technology. Myriad research and publications related to this issue are expected. Therefore, The 2nd ICONSS hosted by Universitas Cokroaminoto Palopo is organized to provide a forum to share the research results of numerous scholars and practitioners from various sectors. The conference involves symposium and parallel presentations by various presenters from across the world. The invited speakers for the symposium session are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. In addition, this conference is also a realization of supporting a policy generated by Ministry of Research and Higher Education (MORTHE) as the efforts of increasing the quality and quantity of Indonesian academic publications.


The scope of this conference covers all topics regarding local wisdom in the development of various sectors related to education, tourism and culture, finance and business, health, linguistics, information and technology, and food. However, research discussing other topics will be also considered.


  • Provide a biannual international academic forum for academicians, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educational consultants, students, and other scholars to share their knowledge in relation to the conference theme.

  • Provide opportunities for building up networking and collaboration in any field related to education, economics, health, agriculture, and natural sciences, by involving numerous parties from different parts of the world to maintain local wisdom.